Catch up

So remember that time when I said I would do my best and post regularly here so all of you good readers that are many miles away would have a great picture of what our life is like here in Alaska and it would feel like you were right here with us? Well, something like that. And, clearly, I should never say things like that unless I’m really going to mean it. Great apologies. So herein begins a series of posts meant to bring you up to speed on our lives and then we can get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I think when I last left you, it was summer and we had just spent some lovely time at a nearby lake. That was perhaps in early August? Right after that last post, we had our second set of visitors to this faraway land…my parents! Yay! Mom and Dad took two whole weeks out of their lives to spend with us and it was so very very lovely. We made the trek to Denali for a day, and gave a grand tour of Fairbanks, but most of the time we spent home-ish. We went to the library, the fabric store, the grocery store…the girls sewed with Mom, Jack played knights and aircraft carrier with Dad, everyone got snuggled and read to. (For all of you who are dying to know, we did go to the dump, yes we did. And, Mom actually spied a really great piece of Polish Christmas pottery, perched perilously on the edge of the dumpster. We snatched it up, obviously.)

It was such a peaceful visit. Mom and Dad got to see what our life looks like here, and we soaked in the time. We got to show them some of the amazing beauty of this state, but also how we frantically clean the house and then squeeze 30 or so people in our basement for Bible study on Sunday nights. We celebrated everyone’s birthday all at once because we aren’t all together for them in Ohio. We showed art work and bought school supplies and frozen vegetables together. We laughed and laughed with them, and cried and cried when it was time for them to leave. The nice thing was just the time spent together. Which was the whole point, after all…










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